Missed telephone call-back policy





This policy is to provide information to patients on the process used by clinicians when a telephone call is requested\provided and what the process for call-backs by clinicians is if the requested telephone call is missed by you.

Policy Details

When a telephone call is arranged the receptionist will ask you to stay near your phone (whether it is landline or mobile) as the clinician will only try to call twice should you not pick up.  A time frame for calls is between 8:30am and 1:30pm for AM calls and 3:00pm and 6:30pm for PM calls.

The clinician will then attempt to call you a maximum of twice.  If you do not answer on the second attempt (where possible) an answerphone message will be left by the clinician stating that this is the second attempt t5o call you and for you to call the surgery within the next 30 minutes to speak to the clinician or rebook for the next available routine appointment.  A text may also be sent (where possible) stating the same information.

Should you call the surgery back within the next 30 minutes then the reception team will check if the clinician is available to speak to you.  If yes they will transfer you across, or if not they will make a note on the clinician’s screen for them to call you back asap. 

If you are unable to contact the surgery within the 30-minute time frame then you will be offered the next available routine appointment.