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updated at 03:04pm on 07/08/2020


by Anonymous

Fantastic service during Covid-19

I recently used the E-Contact service online and it was fantastic! Had a response from my GP and new prescription within 24hrs. It's a VERY efficient service, saving both patient and surgery time and no doubt money. I would much rather use this service than waste my GPs time for minor ailments - therefore freeing up that time for patients with more serious conditions.

Visited in July 2020, Posted on 20 July 2020

by Irene Paget

sympathetic doctors

My husband and I have met a few of the doctors at Atrium, for a variety of reasons and each time we have been met with courteous and rational explanations with unpatronising yet humane approaches. In spite of only being allocated 10minutes, we never felt rushed. Each doctor has been good at listening and took our issues seriously, giving us prescriptions which were logical and specific to our ailments, rather than a quick fix all drug.The receptionists have been helpful and polite. Having been to a number of surgeries in our lifetime (we are in our 60s) we felt Atrium met our needs fairly and efficiently with caring, patient and effective doctors and nurses/healthy workers. Thank you!

Visited in May 2019, Posted on 17 May 2019