Atrium Health Centre is always very pleased to receive donations or sponsorship. Sometimes these gifts are for special purposes and we will ensure that the family or donor’s wishes are met where possible. Any donation which does not have a special purpose will be added to our equipment fund for the purchase of new equipment. Past donations have enabled us to purchase a defribillator, a heart monitor, a pulse oximeter, ECG machines, children’s safe play equipment and blood pressure monitors. All these generous donations have benefitted many hundreds of patients.

Mrs S of Dorchester donated a pulse oximeter – this benefits patients with conditions such as asthma by checking how much oxygen is in the blood.

Nurse Sarah Basford said, “This is a wonderful gift, and has made it possible for all the nurses to have a pulse oximeter available immediately it is needed. Thank you Mrs S!

Boehringer Ingelheim has donated £300 and two new spirometers to Atrium Health Centre. This donation will help all our patients with breathing and lung difficulties.

Dr Johannes said "The practice is very grateful for this donation, which will be used by GPs and nurses in the Surgery and when making home visits."